Why I Homeschool?

We made the decision in 1996.  We started for reasons different than why we continue.   I don’t evaluate each year whether or not we will homeschool again next year.  We know that we will for as long as we have children of school age.  Unless the Lord makes if very clear that we should stop.

We started because we felt uneasy putting our oldest in school.  I knew that she wasn’t ready.

 12 years later we continue because we know that homeschooling is a part of God’s plan for our family.  He has a purpose.  A mission for our family. Homeschooling a big part of that purpose.

I homeschool because I enjoy spending my day with my children.  I think I know them better than I would if they were gone all day.

I homeschool because I like making history projects. Working out Math problems. (Thank goodness for Solutions Guides!) Reading good books. Watching a little one realize that reading is fun.

I homeschool because I enjoy sitting down with my kids and doing a Bible lesson with them.  We sit with our Bibles and discuss how the scriptures apply to our life now.  We discuss Theology.  We share our desires and wishes.  We pray together.  It is wonderful.  Would I do this if my kids went to school?  Probably not.  We would be confined to someone elses schedule and not make the time…maybe…I don’t know.

 I just know that I know that I am right where God wants me in the lives of my children.  I am here.  I make lots of mistakes and I lose my temper, but they are so good to forgive me.

I’ll keep adding more reasons why as I think of them.

One thought on “Why I Homeschool?

  1. Wendy

    And this is why we homeschool, too. There are rough days (sometimes weeks,) but the joy and fulfillment is unmatched.
    I cannot imagine being apart from my children now. They miss me and I miss them, if a couple of hours go by.
    Homeschooling is the ultimate bonding experience. 🙂


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