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Great List of Freebies

My friend Cindy Downes sent me this list of freebie stuff to use in our school.

We are all having to find ways to cut back or not spend money at all so I thought this would help.  I have my own list of way to save money in your school that I will post very soon.

Until then, here is this list.

Click Recession Proof your Homeschool.


Memorial Day

Memorial Day which was first known as Decoration Day is a day in which we remember those who have died while serving our country.  I would think that if you took a poll on the street and asked people to tell you history and purpose of Memorial Day you would get a huge variety of answers.

This is why I think it is important to teach our children not just why we celebrate something but the history behind it.  I have found some links that are loaded with tons of information and wonderful pictures that help broaden your understanding of Memorial Day.

Department of Veteran Affairs has a full site.  Don’t miss the Photo Gallery. It has some very touching pictures from the past wars.

History.com as usual has plenty to keep you busy.

U.S. Memorial Day has a real good write up on the history of Memorial Day.

Kids Activities-some crossword puzzles, online activities & theme units by Ed-Helper

Annies Homepage– she always has lots of fun & informational stuff on her site.

More Activities

New Online Resource

kids painting

I just found a neat new resource for us homeschooling moms.

It is called Little Blots of Faith.  It is another social network much like The Homeschool Lounge.  But this one concentrates of teaching the Word to our kids and offers us many excellent & fun resources.  Like the other social networks out there membership is required, but it is free.


Interested in Reducing Stress?

I saw this posted on HOLY EXPERIENCE and thought it was worth sharing and posting here.  A university student (and mother) is performing a study on the results of gratitude in one’s life.  It sounds like it is a very good idea.  Just follow her directions & contact her if you are interested in partcipating.  I would also like to hear if you participate & what was the result for you.  Just drop me a line here as a comment or on my contact page.


She writes:

WANTED: Parents who desire to reduce child-related stress.

COST: A little bit of your time.

PERKS: Improved outlook and better parenting relationships! HOW? Introducing an exciting study in the works with an outcome that will benefit you! We are happy to present you with the chance to participate and hope that you will find this helpful to your daily life. Read on for more information ~

The Purpose of the Study:

To consider gratitude as a method for reducing stress in parenting
– To measure instances of parenting stress using the method below
– To measure the potential benefits (and maintenance) of gratitude as a means of stress reduction in parenting

The Method of the Study:

The 2 Simple Steps:

[Prior to beginning, compile a list of 10 specifics for which you are grateful. This should make the required expressions of gratitude easier.]

#1: When you experience a moment of stress related to one or more of your children, “reset” your thinking by verbally expressing gratitude, either in reaction to the current stressor, or by reading/saying something from your list.

#2: Add a mark to your daily tally (so that we have a record of how many times this happens each day).

That’s it.

This exercise will be carried out for seven days, beginning on Tuesday, April 1st, followed by a seven day break, and then repeated for a second seven day period.

If you want to participate, please e-mail gratitude.study@gmail.com by Tuesday so we can have an idea of the size of the study. Give your name, age, and gender—although you are welcome to participate anonymously, if you like. Feel free to spread the word to as many adults that you know that wish to participate. (This would make a fun project to do with friends and/or a spouse—men being specifically encouraged to participate as most studies tend to neglect the impact of gratitude from a male perspective.)

What’s in this for you?

Multiple studies have shown that people who feel more gratitude are much more likely to have higher levels of happiness, lower levels of depression and stress. They are seen as more empathetic, agreeable, and extraverted. Grateful people should be more likely to notice they have been helped, to respond appropriately, and to return the help at some future point.

You mean, you’ll get all that, just by adding some gratitude to your life? YES!

Definitions, for the purpose of this study:

Gratitude: Being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen; taking time to express thanks.

Parenting Stress is defined as those moments when life as a parent seems overwhelmingly unpredictable and uncontrollable (based on the 10-item Perceived Stress Scale). Within the context of parenting,

– you become upset because of something that happens unexpectedly.
– you feel you are unable to control the important things in your life.
– you feel nervous and “stressed.”
– you feel you cannot cope with all the things you have to do.
– you become angry because things are outside of your control.
– you feel difficulties are piling up so high that you cannot overcome them.

Obviously, this will be a largely subjective assessment—that is the difficulty in measuring an emotional state. Just try to be as aware as possible.

Thank you! We look forward to sharing the results of the study.
Join us at gratitude.study@gmail.com by Tuesday (April 1).
(Feel free to repost this post in its entirety. Let’s give thanks in all things!)

From My Head into my Heart

HOTM Magazine

Heart of the Matter has a great article this morning written by Rachel from Keep the Way . 

Don’t we  all want to experience at least one easy school day every once in a while?  I would.  It seems that we never can start on time, the house is a disaster, there is nothing easy to fix for lunch, the 3 yr old is  trying to kill her baby brother…and anything else that you can think of to keep us from having a good productive day of school. 

 Rachel knows my pain!  Here is what she wrote.

Almost every homeschool blogger I know has one. You know, the posts about “A Real Day.” Apparently we all feel led at one point or another to make sure other moms know that life isn’t perfect, school doesn’t always get done, the laundry is usually piled on the sofa, and we occasionally sleep a little late. But then it is back to regular programming, that post gets buried with all the others, and moms are left reading about joyful, peaceful homeschool days reminiscent of The Waltons.

While we all know we shouldn’t compare ourselves and our homeschools to others, getting that head knowledge into our hearts can be the hard part. We end up always wondering if we are doing it right, if there is a better curriculum out there, if so-and-so’s children are better behaved or are reading better. The constant comparison, wondering, worrying and guilt we carry around with us can prevent us from experiencing the true JOY of this journey.

“We are all unique and bring something different to the homeschool table” . . . blah blah blah. It sounds great, but unless we truly believe it, it’s just a bunch of pretty words. I have written about this several times and have told it to myself even more, but really believing it is hard for me. Most recently I have been struggling with a daily schedule. Trying to find enough hours in the day to exercise and read devotionals, spend quality time with the girls learning and reading books, having the house not look like a tornado hit it for once, attempting to look somewhat decent when my husband comes home, and trying to get enough sleep so that I can wake up and do it all again has been very difficult. It seems as though I have two stages – the first is where everything is going like clockwork and getting done but I am constantly exhausted and feeling like I am playing beat the clock, or the second stage where none of it gets done, and I gain 15 pounds!

This second stage is where I have been stuck for the last six months. Even while finding my own groove in how we school, I have been trapped feeling like I had to have the same schedule everyone else does. I constantly beat myself up for not being able to get as much done each day as the others I read about. I would make a new schedule every week, trying different variations of the same “perfect” schedule – wake up early (way before everyone else in the house), exercise, start the dishes and laundry, fix my husband’s lunch, have my quiet time, fix a wonderful wholesome breakfast for the family, start school by 9:00am, make lunch, clean the house and have dinner ready when my husband comes home. This might be what your schedule looks like, and it might work for you, but this has not worked for me. For whatever reason, I am wired differently I guess.
But a new hope has been birthed in me, thanks to a post on the Five in a Row Message Boards!! When I shared about my struggles, someone mentioned that in her home, the morning was when the children had free play and she did housework, emails and blogging (I will add exercise here as well). After lunch is when they did school for 2-3 hours and then it was time for errands, more free play with the kids, dinner and bed. A REVELATION!!
  • I can start school AFTER lunch?!?
  • I can do what seems to come naturally to me — catch up on computer time while waking up, use the burst of energy I get after to do what I dislike the most (cleaning the house) and save the highlight of my day (school time with the girls) for later?
  • We can start school after lunch and when we are done, already have the house clean, exercise done and have the rest of the day for real free play?
  • Can I really break the classic rule of school first in the morning?
  • Is there really such a rule after all???

I have no idea if this new schedule will work for us or not, or if this will help anyone else out there, but I wanted to share one more myth that I have dispelled for myself. I hope this gives you the freedom to break some of the rules you have created in your own minds and propels you to a schedule that can truly bring JOY to your day and family!!!

Heart of the Matter is giving away a book called, “See I Told You So!”  It is 18 stories written by veteran HS moms.  If you would be interested in entering their giveaway then go to their website & post a comment.

Daily Manna

I wish I had a dollar for each time I have heard from a parent, “I could never homeschool, I don’t have enough patience.”

I have begin to respond with, “And you think I do?  Patience is something I get from the Lord when I need it.  I wasn’t born with it.”

 ” I just don’t think I can do this.”

“My child wants to go back to school, should I let him?”

“My mom says that I can’t tech my kids because I don’t have a degree.”

These are just a few of the comments or questions that I get on a regular basis from moms who have just started homeschooling or have done it a while, but are running into new challenges so they begin to doubt their own selves.

I spent the first 5 years or so not sure if Iwas doing the right things by homeschooling.  Surely my kids could get a better education if they went to school.

I learned over time that my thoughts of doubt were not of God.

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7

I believe that there is an enemy of God who is very disturbed by families who choose to educate their children and teach them the Word of God.  Satan will do all that he can to disrupt the lives of those who love the Lord.  One way he does this is to bring doubts to our minds that we can homeschool our children.  He works on the mom first.  If he can’t get to mom then he works on the kids.  If he can’t get to the kids, he goes after the dad.

I know that when I go to my God everyday, he gives me what I need to make it through my day.  He gives me grace, mercy, patience, kindness, self-control…when I need it.  He doesn’t give it to me the day before.

Remember the Israelites in the wilderness?  How did God provide food for them?  Manna! (Exodus 16) They were not to save up for the next day, but let him provide for them daily. 

When we go to Him, seek His face and study His Word he gives us our daily dose of manna.  And in all of his grace and mercy there have been times when he gave me what I needed even when I was not faithful to spend time with him.  Just like he continued to provide manna for the Israelites when the complained, he provides me with manna when I am complaining & not faithful.  But, I miss the blessing that he has for me through the day when I am complaining & I don’t see his manna as being from him.  Rather, I just see it as an accomplishment on my part.

“Wow, look at that! I didn’t even yell when she spilled milk all over the carpet.  I must getting real good at controling my temper.”

If I control my temper, it isn’t because I am just so good.  It is because the Lord gave me my daily dose of self-control that day and I used it.

If my kids get a good education it isn’t because I am such a great teacher, but because the Lord worked through me in the lives of my children. 

“You will seek me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13


It’s a Party!

There is a tremendously huge blog party going on all over the world, so I couldn’t miss out!  There are over 1300 moms throwing a party on their blogs and you are invited! 

 The party is at 5 Minutes for Mom

The Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes for Mom

This is a great opportunity to meet new moms from all over the world through their blogs.  What did we do 10 years ago with out blogs? 

Here are a few of my favorite blogging friends…

Robyn @ Home Sweet Home

Robin Sampson @ Heart of Wisdom

Susan @ Kerugma

Growing in Grace

Kristine @ Mama Archer

Penney @ Becoming Real

These are just a few of my blogging friends that I gain wisdom & encouragement from. 

Homeschooling is hard enough by itself and then we at times go through seasons when we don’t get much adult interaction.  That is when blogging comes in handy.  I can visit these other sites and learn what these moms struggle with and how the Lord is working in their lives.  What a blessing!

If you are participating in this party, leave me a comment so I can celebrate with you!