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Great List of Freebies

My friend Cindy Downes sent me this list of freebie stuff to use in our school.

We are all having to find ways to cut back or not spend money at all so I thought this would help.  I have my own list of way to save money in your school that I will post very soon.

Until then, here is this list.

Click Recession Proof your Homeschool.


Free Canada Unit Study

If you are trying to focus more on geography this year as I am, then you will really like what Terri at Knowledge Quest has for you.  She has written a nice little study on Canada & she is sharing with us for free, all of her hard work.

Click for Canada Unit Study


Go to her site, she has lots of other free stuff there that you will really like to use for geography.  Click on the map below to see what free downloads Terri has.

I’ve been Tagged!

I”ve been tagged twice now by 2 different friends of mine.  The funny thing is that even though I have 3 different blogs, I really don’t go to other blogs.  Who has the time?  I barely have time to write on my own.  So, when I get tagged and am to pass these on I have no idea who to pass it on to who hasn’t already had it. 

Here goes anyway:

1.  What is your school name?

That is an easy one.  We are Olive Branch Christian Academy.  I love the verse in Ps 128 that describes the woman and her many sons around her table like the olive shoots of an olive tree.  Olive Shoot didn’t sound good to me so I changed it to Olive Branch.  OBCA for short.

2.  What steals my joy?

I do.  When I take my eyes off of my Lord and onto me my joy turns to weakness and frustration.  My day never goes the way I want it to or think it should, but I can still find joy in my Jesus anyway.  When I let my own pride take over my day is worthless.  I lay down at night wondering if I did anything that honored my Lord & showed my children more of Jesus in me.

3.  Name 5 blessings you recieved this week.

  1. I had Thanksgiving with my  husband, 10 kids, 2 parents, 2 siblings, 2 In-laws & 1 very old & feeble Grandfather.
  2. My husband got paid!
  3. My 3 yr old daughter recovered from the flu in time to go to my parents for thanksgiving…(yeah Thieves Oil!)
  4. My 14 year old son admitted to lying – Yeah Holy Spirit!!
  5. There is a christian man in Saudia Arabia who is separated from his family who is praying for me & my ministry & has received my encouragement from my writings.  Yeah GOD!!!

4.  What is my favorite scripture?

That one is harder because there are so many.  I am studying in Psalm 119 right now so I would say that I have received the most encouragement from there.

5.  Who in the Bible do you think you are most like?

This is hard for me.  Many times I have seen many similarities in me and Mary.  Not because she was the mother of Jesus, but because of how she got there.  I know that she had plans of how she thought her life would be and then all of that was turned up side down.  I too had plans, but God had other plans.  Of course his plans were so much better than mine.  I’m so glad I said “yes” to God’s plans for my life.

6.  What is the last passage of scripture you  read?

Ephesians 6:10-11, “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of HIs MIght.  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may stand against the wiles of the devil.”

7.  If you were making a greeting card for God, what would you say?

I don’t know if I could say anything that I feel would be worthwile.  Maybe it would be very simple like; “Thank you for loving me and forgiving me.”  I don’t deserve any of it and honestly don’t know how he can love me so deeply, but that is why he is God & I’m not.

8.  Have you ever praised God for something weird?

Yes I have…twice lately actually.  The first one was when the people across the street moved.  The influence that her kids had on mine was cutting deep and I was about at my wits end.  Then the Lord made them move.  The owner of their house suddenly decided that she wanted to live in her house in 2 months. 

The other time I praised God for something weird was when I found a pumpkin on my front porch & found out that my neighbor next door had put it there.  We have lived here for about 18 months.  She has spoken to me once and that was when I took banana bread to her last Christmas.  She said hi through her glass door.  I don’t know why she gave us the pumpkin, but I saw it as a very nice gesture, something no one on our street has ever experienced.  Praising God for a pumpkin!!!

9.  What is the best miracle God has performed in your life or what is your favorite answered prayer?

Wow! I have a lot of both.  To pick just one is hard.  My favorite answered prayer is the latest one.  God provided for us in just the nick of time as always.

10. What is today’s weather like?

I forgot this one was supposed to be #2.  Today’s weather was cold & rainy.  Perfect for staying in after a hectic weekend with family.

I know I supposed to pass this on, but I have no idea who to send this on to.  If I think of someone I will add them in.