Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I am a 30 something homeschool mom who loves chocolate, writing about my Jesus and my family, reading good books & take long bubble baths.  And usually it all has to happen all at the same time to get it done.

God has blessed us with 10 children so far and we are joyful in our hope for more.  We are the noisiest house on the street and usually have at least 3 extra kids at our dinner table besides our own group.  I love the noise, but savor the quiet; yet dread the day when the house will be all quiet because they have all left our nest & begun to build their own.

I am a bit of a blogging addict as I have 2 other blogs.  But I am saving this one for my homeschooling side of life even though it has oozed into all aspects of my life.  I love homeschooling my children and can’t imagine not doing it.  Who wants to clean house all day or get their nails done?  I would rather spend my day with my children and getting to know them by heart.  My homeschooling journey is one full of grace.  Not grace given by me but grace received from my LORD.  I continue to learn more and more about my God the longer I homeschool and I hope that this blog will be a fruit of my graceful lessons.

~Learning by Grace!