Free or Almost Free Resources

I have learned over the past 12 years how to still provide my children with a good solid education with out spending all of our money.  This page is just for that.  Instead of taking up my whole sidebar with links I will just post my links and other resources here.

1.  Curr-Click – This is a great website full of e-book downloads.  Each month they feature a different product that is free.  I have found lots of neat things here.  If you do buy it is really inexpensive!  Since they are not dealing with product overhead or printing out the products they can sell for cheap.


2.  Heart of Wisdom – Robin Sampson has given us tons of free downloads if you are considering using her curriculum.  Even if you are not, there are losts of free worksheets to download.

 3. Donna Young – If you have been homeschooling very long I”m sure you have heard of Donna Young.  She has graciously shared many of the forms that she made while homeschooling her own kids.  If you teach about she has a form for it.  Or maybe you need help organizing your schedule or chores.  She covers it all!!!

 4.  School Express – There are about 11,000 free worksheets & activities here.  You can stay on the site for weeks!!!

5.  Teach-nology – More great worksheets for just about every subject.

6.  TLS – These are free worksheets for Early Childhood through 5th grade.  I liked the way it is set up because I can click on the grade & then it is sorted by subject for that grade. 

7.  The Home School Mom   – This is one of the first sites I found when I realized that you could get homeschool help for free online (a long time ago!).  There are lot’s of planners, menu’s, charts, free spanish lessons, I could go on & on!  You just need to take a look for yourself.

8.  A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling – This is another one of those sites  where you can stay all day.  There are tons of stuff in every category you could think of.

9.  Project Gutenburg  This is where you can search & download free E books.  I have found many very useful things here.

10.  Homeschool Free Stuff  You can get their updates in an email newsletter.  I have received this for a while & usually can find some pretty neat stuff.  This is also where you get info on reduced cost items.  That counts for “almost free”.

Free Resources for your Homeschool

11.  Notebooking Pages – This site has many free or very affordable resources.  Everything from maps to language arts activities.

12.  WOWIO – free E-books.  I have found some very useful books here to use for history such as an activity & craft book while studying Pioneers.  There are hundreds of books to choose from.  I think you can only download up to 2 or 3 books per day, but they keep an account so you can just go back the next day and download whatever else you wanted.

13.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Freebie Directory – The people at The Old Schoolhouse have organized a great directory of about 40 links for you of free downloads and samples of curriculum or products.  Great Resource!!!

14.  The Lesson Plans Page – This site has thousands of lessons plans for every subject.  The site is supported by ads so you have to weave your way throught flash, but there is some good & useful stuff there.

15.  Homeschool for Free – I have used this site a lot.  You need Adobe Reader as these are PDF downloands.  It is separated by grade & it covers all subjects that you would need.  It is done by an Idaho Home Educators Association.

16.  The Homeschool Tracker is a free download!  It is a complete planner for your computer.  I use this & have for several years.  I keep all of the subjects & what resources I am using in that subject recorded.  I can schedule when I want to do test or just planning out basic lessons.  I can print out a lesson page for my kids so that they know what they are to do for the week & when things are due.  It keeps grades, book lists, attendance, and way more to descirbe here.  There is an upgrade that costs about $50, but I have never purchased that & I have done just fine. I highly recommend using this when your kids get into Jr High level, it makes it easier to keep up with their grades & it builds a transcript for you.

17.  Text Tool for Teachers -The Teacher’s Pet is a free text tool that can help you transform text into fun classroom activities.  You can create crossword puzzles, word search, flash cards & more.


18.  Homeschool Share is a new site to me.  It is packed full of free unit studies based on good books.  It has a very strong Charlotte Mason style which I have come to love.  Take a look!

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