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Tackle It Tuesday!

I decided to join the Tackle It Tuesday, hosted by 5 Minutes for
We are moving in a month or so & I have a lot of sorting through & cleaning out.
Today object of my efforts is the closet under the stairs.  We call it our own Narnia Wardrobe.  It is a horrible place to go unlike the real Narnia.  Coats hang in the front and then there is a long narrow space behind it that was meant to be home to my seasonal decoration boxes.  But instead it has become the “I don’t know where else to put this, so I will throw it in here.” Closet.
So, that is what lies ahead of me today including school lessons with my kids, a doctor appointment with my son & taking my girls to Bible Study this evening.  Somewhere in there I need to get the towels and & sheets washed & maybe even a meal made.
Out comes the crock pot & the most capable child launder’s.  Thank goodness I have so many kids to do stuff or I would get nothing done! 
I made it.   By 4:00 I had the closet all cleaned out & the junk properly disposed of…kinda.
It was quite embarrassing what all I found.  I couldn’t figure out how all of these trash bags got into the closet.  My 14 year old son is the explanation.  Someone had given us bags and bags of clothes.  I didn’t need any of it so I was going to take them to the local donation center.  They were put into the garage until I could take them out.  When they disappeared from the garage I thought that my ever so thoughtful husband had loaded them up & taken them for me.  No, instead my son was cleaning out the garage & needed a place to put the bags so he threw them in the closet.  Ugh!  Here are so extremely embarrassing pics to prove how bad it was. 
messy closet
 Obviously,this is the “before” picture.  I told you it was bad!
clean closet
And here is the fruit of my labor!
I won’t show you the giant pile of trash bags that I’m about to load up in my van and TODAY take to the donation center.  I’m not risking my son trying to “clean” the garage again.