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Free Israel Unit Study

Here she goes again…

Terri Johnson at Knowledge Quest has most graciously shared with us another one of her unit studies.  This one is on Israel.  These are simple & yet a lot of fun.


Go to Knowlege Quest to get the Unit Study.

If you subscribe to her newsletter, she will send you a link to her “Around the World” unit study.  Her website & blog is full of lots of freebies (& who doesn’t love that!).

Free Canada Unit Study

If you are trying to focus more on geography this year as I am, then you will really like what Terri at Knowledge Quest has for you.  She has written a nice little study on Canada & she is sharing with us for free, all of her hard work.

Click for Canada Unit Study


Go to her site, she has lots of other free stuff there that you will really like to use for geography.  Click on the map below to see what free downloads Terri has.