Free Homeschool Transcript Template

I found this & just had to pass it on!  It is a transcript template (EXCEL version) that is so easy to use.  Just fill in the fields & it does all the work for you of averaging grades & such.

Create professional homeschool transcripts easily!
Download PEAH’s Free Homeschool Transcript Template

4 thoughts on “Free Homeschool Transcript Template

  1. DC Wornock


    Although the transcript was very helpful, it has a couple of problems. Several cells are write protected. For example, you cannot enter a SSN. Also, the grade point averages are incorrect because it assigns the same value to 1/2 credit or even zero credit courses as full credit courses.

    However, other than the write protected cells and the formulas, I was able to copy the template to another Excel file. The write protected cells, I entered seperately and I input the correct formulas.

    Basically, the new file, including the background picture (to view the picture select “Print Preview” or print the document), is the same except it is not write protected and eliminates the problems.

    You can download the corrected template that I created at:


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