Memorial Day

Memorial Day which was first known as Decoration Day is a day in which we remember those who have died while serving our country.  I would think that if you took a poll on the street and asked people to tell you history and purpose of Memorial Day you would get a huge variety of answers.

This is why I think it is important to teach our children not just why we celebrate something but the history behind it.  I have found some links that are loaded with tons of information and wonderful pictures that help broaden your understanding of Memorial Day.

Department of Veteran Affairs has a full site.  Don’t miss the Photo Gallery. It has some very touching pictures from the past wars. as usual has plenty to keep you busy.

U.S. Memorial Day has a real good write up on the history of Memorial Day.

Kids Activities-some crossword puzzles, online activities & theme units by Ed-Helper

Annies Homepage– she always has lots of fun & informational stuff on her site.

More Activities

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