Do you know about Laminin?

Watch this & then have your kids watch this.  Want to know more?  Get the DVD of the whole talk at Christian  CLICK HERE.  It comes with a CD.  But the whole talk is worth the money!!!



Teach your kids about Laminin!!!

3 thoughts on “Do you know about Laminin?

  1. Anna Ayala

    We showed this video at our Christian school’s chapel, and the kids thought it was really cool. We also used it in our youth group in conjunction with the whole video series on the greatness of God. It was a real teaching opportunity! 🙂

  2. Penney Douglas


    I just saw this the other day. When I saw what Laminin looks like, I just cried! My oldest son saw it, but I’m not sure the others did. I’ll make a point of showing it to them. So powerful!!! God is in the details, isn’t He?


  3. Veronica

    i NEVER thought that jesus could be holding my life together! i always get a feeling like NO ONE is there for me, and that jesus isnt there if im not doing good enough and such.. but hes ALWAYS THERE!!!


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