Monthly Archives: April 2008

Learning to Let Go

teen daughter & mom talking

We have always home schooled.  I do not know what it is like for my kids to be gone from me on a regular basis.  It is kind of like a safety net for me.  I’m very comfortable with this way of life, yet I feel myself moving into a new stage of life.

This afternoon I was taking my oldest daughter to meet one of her friends for dinner.  My daughter is a few weeks away from turning 17.  While she was chattering away about something that she saw on TV, my mind began to wander and I realized that a year ago, I never would have let her go have dinner with a friend with out me there.  Obviously I was not listening to her (my bad!), but rather I was thinking about how my daughter’s life is changing and how it is affecting me…her ever so protective mom, who wants her children by her always. 

My boundaries for her are growing outward.  This is happening because I see in her a maturity and sense of responsibility that deserves new privileges.

 I think part of me never thought I would actually make it to this day when my daughter was more of a friend than a child.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have to get in her face everynow & then to help her deal with wrong attitudes or actions, but those times are getting less & less. 

Next year is supposed to be her last year of High School.  It doesn’t matter that I have 9 more kids after her that will also have a last year, but this one will always mean more I think because it means a passing into a new season for me.  I have completed raising a child.  She will be an adult.  This huge for me.

So, I’m learning to let go of my need to have her here all the time.  I’m learning to walk along side her and listen to her.  Most of the time, she doesn’t need me telling her what to do…she already knows, she just wants to tell me and I cherish that!

New Online Resource

kids painting

I just found a neat new resource for us homeschooling moms.

It is called Little Blots of Faith.  It is another social network much like The Homeschool Lounge.  But this one concentrates of teaching the Word to our kids and offers us many excellent & fun resources.  Like the other social networks out there membership is required, but it is free.


Java & Jesus

A Great way to start the day…Java & Jesus

My husband sits in the same chair every morning for his quiet time.  On this morning, the sky was clean & clear so the sun shone in really bright, reavealing the steam from his coffee as he studied his Bible.