Growing in Grace Online magazine for Girls


I can’t say enough about Growing in Grace.  I found this website a month or so ago & really liked what I saw.  Now, they finally have their first magazing for Girls ready.  Is is full of info that would interest any teen girl, but it is safe & directs them to the Lord.  What a nice relief that is.  Our girls are so saturated by the filfth of the world that it is really hard for them to stay focused on their relationship with God unless you never let them leave the house (which I have seriously considered).

Below, I have included a portion from their website that describes what they are all about.  I would highly encourage you to take a moment and visit their site & then let your daughter spend some time there also.  If you like it and agree with them then let your friends know & send them to the site also.

From their site;

Welcome to Growing in Grace Magazine! We are a mother-daughter ministry publication that desires to bring encouragement to relationships in the lives of women of all ages. Our most treasured and valued relationship is with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When we have our relationship with Him in it’s proper place, then all our other relationships can be blessed by Him. The Bible says that there is none righteous, no not one. Praise the Lord for His saving grace. He freely gives us His grace, knowing full well that we are not perfect. Our relationships will never be perfect, but as we are ‘Growing in Grace’ we will see His love and mercy abound as we strive to live in that grace.

3 thoughts on “Growing in Grace Online magazine for Girls

  1. Sisterlisa

    Thank you so much Dana! Wow I had no idea you had this large of a family. How wonderful!!! I’m so jealous. ;O) Thank you for supporting Growing in Grace. If there’s anything we can do let us know. DOn’t forget to sign up for the giveaways!

    In His Grace,


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