Just deal with it

Today is one of those school day’s when my expectations of getting a lot done have already had to be thrown in the trash.  The day started off o’k, we actually got Bible done! WooHoo!  Then I sent them off to finish their individual work.  I noticed that outside the wind was beginning to pick up.  In fact it is down right gusty!  Today is trash day. So, when we set our trash bins out the wind was so strong they just fell over with loose trash blowing away at about 50 mph!  Our trash wasn’t the only stuff blowing around.  I saw a puppy blow through and a squirrel!  O’k, maybe not the puppy.  Anyway, I sent the kids out to try and collect the trash blowing around.  “This is crazy”  I thought as an empty 2 liter coke bottle blew past my face.   

Finally the trash truck came & dumped the trash. So now we had empty trash bins blowing everywhere!  I yelled at my 8 year old as he flew over to grab hold of one and I would help him return it to the right house.

Now, we were waiting for the Recycle truck to come & dump those bins.  I’m frustrated now, because everytime we go inside to get some lessons done we see something fly past the window and everyone has to go out to see who or what it was.  Then I hear the kids yell at me to come quick.  (I hate when I hear that)  Our fence between us & our neighbor was about to snap and fall over.  That is just what I need.  We have a lab that would have to come inside at that point.  That is not good for her to stay in the house.  She is bigger than I am!

I call my husband to see if the wind is as bad at his office & of course since he is a man, their wind is much worse.  While we only have animals & children flying around, he has vehicle’s flying around.  While I’m talking to him the kids come running in to tell me that the fence just broke!  Oh Man! Now, we have to clean everything our lab, Honey, has chewed up in the yard so that someone can come & fix it & no telling how long that will take.

School?  Did someone say school? 

I know what you are thinking. I am a homeschool mom.  I should capture the moment & create activities to teach my kids about wind velocity, direction & what else you can learn from the wind.  Instead I would rather just blog about it.

We got the baby down for a nap, and grabbed our colored pencils and sat down while I read 2 more chapters from our history book. 

 It wasn’t a total loss…Bible & history & God induced science lessons.

Learning to just deal with what God hands me…with a smile on my face.

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