Page Protectors Live On!!!

 Here is my tip for today!

I love page protectors!!  I have learned to use them for so many things. I always have plenty because I can reuse them.  Once someone gave me a sack full of unopened packages of page protectors. I  was so excited & I know they thought I was really weird.  Afterall, who in their right mind dances for joy over page proctectors?  I DO!!

Here is an example of a few things I use them for.

1.  Subject Dividers – I will print on the edge of a piece of cardstock what subject I need labeled. Then just slide it in and put in my notebook & I don’t need the dividers that you have to buy separately.  My little ones will decorate theirs to add a little pizzaz to their notebooks.

2.  Preschool worksheets – I have workbooks that I have picked up from Wal-mart & such to use as busy work for my little ones.  I got tired of having to buy new ones since I always had little ones coming up.  I started putting them in page protectors & then giving them the little vis-a-vis marker (and being highly supervised) let them connect the dots or whatever it was.

3.  Math Drill Worksheets – My kids love math drills and racing against the clock, but I can’t afford to keep up with the printer ink & paper, so I put the pages in page protectors, kept then in a notebook for easy access and we are set.  After grading their page I can record their score (if that is really important to you) in my record book.  So easy!! Fine tip dry erase markers work really great.

4.  Menu planner– I keep a menu of what we are eating for the week.  I put this in the page protector and keep it on the frig. with my little marker close by.

 5.  Art Portfolio – I have some budding artist and just don’t have a frig big enough to show off all of their art so we started putting them in page protectors in notebooks after they have been displated for a day on the frig.

I could go on and on, but would rather you share any ideas with me that you may have about getting even more creative with page protectors than I have.

8 thoughts on “Page Protectors Live On!!!

  1. Barb-Harmony Art Mom

    Love, love, love sheet protectors. I use them just as much as you do!

    I have four children that have homeschooled and I found early on that if I wanted certain things to last, I needed to slip them into the page protectors. I know that the original investment has more than paid for itself over the last 10+ years.

    Great tips!!!
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Kelli

    Oh, I agree! I use them for copywork pages… saves paper. I also use them to put on doors for charts or check lists! Thanks for sharing your various ways of using them… I am going to steel the math drill worksheets! Brillant…

    JOYfully in Him,

  3. jhcckkm

    I think I may have close to a million paper protectors – – I used them when I was in college for EVERY class – – I typed ALL my notes. Love is a very good word for how I feel about my paper protectors!! : )

    I use them for all kinds of things too…..

    We use – – occassionally we get postcards that are too big for the photo sleeves we usually use – – so, in a paper protector they go.

    I put together “books” in 3-ring binders of like materials. I have an awesome binder on the Holocaust.

    We don’t do many worksheets – – but, what worksheets we do, do – – I file them in a small file box until the end of the year. Then I choose some of the materials and put them into the binder to show progress throughout the year. Then I place the binder into their “memory box” – – I put all kinds of things into the box and they get it when they are 21.

    Thanks again for sharing!! : ) I think I might need to steal the math drill idea, too!

  4. Dana Post author

    That is a great idea, because I know that I will read things that I want to remember so I will print them out & stick them in a file.

    I thought of another use for page protectors.

    I will print out recipes from the web and put them in page protectors and then into a notebook. I have a big fat notebook sectioned off according to food group (meat, breads, dessert, veggies, etc..)

    Thanks ladies for all of your kind comments!

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