Review: Passionate Housewives


Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God
  Authors: Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald
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  “You deserve a break!”
  “Why should you have to do all the caring for the kids?”
  “You’re wasting your life being a stay-at-home mom.”

  These messages and others are the voices of feminism that seek to
  undermine God’s high calling of being a wife and mother.  These
  messages, whether spoken or inferred can be discouraging – especi-
  ally for homeschool moms who are not only mothering, but committed
  to teaching reading and even chemistry if needed!  It can be easy
  to fall into a “woe is me” attitude that breeds discontentment and

  In this refreshingly honest and down-to-earth book, two godly women
  sit down to put forth a fresh vision for homemaking.  The message
  of ‘Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God’, is one of HOPE!
  The authors are real, and scattered through this convicting and
  encouraging book are stories and glimpses into their very real
  lives.  They are quick to dispel the “perfect housewife” myth.  You
  know the one – the 1950s happy homemaker vacuuming in her high heels
  and pearls.  Instead, they take the reader straight to the Word of
  God, for fresh insight and pearls of truth.  Be prepared to be chal-
  lenged – I found myself switching between this book and my Bible,
  highlighter in hand!

  Both of the authors have a lot to say and they say it quite well.
  The book begins and ends with the fictional account of the life of
  ‘Carol’.  It is kind of a before-and-after glimpse of her life as
  she first gives in to the message of feminism that permeates our
  society (and sadly, the church), and then as a woman set free by
  God’s Word to be all that He created her to be – completely ful-
  filled in her service to Him by serving her family.

  ‘Passionate Housewives’ is not a politically correct book!  The
  concept of dying to self, of living to serve your husband and
  children as unto the Lord, is not a popular ideology in our society.
  You may not agree with every doctrinal position these ladies and
  their husbands hold, but you will, however, be blessed with truths
  that transcend denominations – and timeless wisdom desperately
  needed in this day and age.  This is not a “how-to” book.  You
  won’t find ideas for successful home management, or picking the
  right homeschool curriculum.  Here’s something else you won’t find
  – authors who expect you to be just like them.  Oh, they hold firmly
  to their beliefs about many things, but when it comes to what a
  “perfect” wife and mother should be, well, they are quick to remind
  you to lay aside those thoughts of perfectionism and to be wary of
  comparing yourself with others, including them!

  This book addresses so many issues of the heart, it is difficult
  to describe the breadth of coverage and the amount of hope and
  encouragement one will find in its pages.  As I read, I had many
  “Aha!” moments and there were definitely places where I was con-
  victed of falling for the message that I am somehow “missing out”
  on life by serving my family.  I was challenged to realize that
  I can be home with my kids, but not really “be here” in my heart.
  I have found the really good books are the ones that do more than
  cheer (although this book definitely inspires).  The books that
  I put at the top of my “must read again” list are those that make
  me a bit uncomfortable, that cause me to examine my heart and
  propel me into the arms of God.  ‘Passionate Housewives Desperate
  for God” is one of those books.  I highly recommend it!


  Reviewed by Cindy Prechtel

Here are the authors & their families.

Stacy and Family

James & Stacy McDonald & family

Jennie and Family

Matt & Jennie Chancey & family

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