Kicking out the Doubts

Just like every other parent I have my days when I am just not sure that I am doing a good job with my kids.  I hear them say things that make me cringe. I catch them in behaviour that I know that they know is wrong.  But when you add homeschooling on to that it add even more doubt about what I’m doing!

Are they learning what they need for college? 

Will they be prepared for college?

Can they survive outside my home?

Will they ever have manners?

Then I pass someone in the hall at church who has worked with one of my kids and they shower me with praise about my child.  They tell me how intelligant, mannerly, mature and responsible my child was.  They tell me how much they enjoy working with  my kids. 

I always walk away so thankful for my kids.  I am not the one doing the fabulous job.  It is truly the Lord working through my husband and I. 

We are so thankful that God’s grace covers all of the mistakes that we make with our kids. 

 I am so thankful that God is using me to prepare my kids for their future. 

I am so thankful that our home is their school and even when I’m not sure if I am doing a good job, God is there to kick out my doubts and replace it with confidence and joy in HIM!

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