This was NOT on my schedule!

O’k, today was our first day of school with almost all of our books.  We have been doing school for over a month already, but we were just getting back into the schedule and reviewing basic facts & waiting for the books to come. 

So, I planned out what all we would do.  I had looked over all of the new stuff & figured out how to do it.  I had planned out how much time we should do journaling, math, and our other subjects.  I had it all worked out so that we should be all done by 1:00.  You would have thought this was my first year to do this!!!

Then we actually started our day.  I forgot to plan in two important people.  My 2 yr old Gracie & 11 m old Sam.  You know what happenes when you try to ignore a crying baby to explain a mth lesson?  He only cries louder.  Do you know what a 2 year old can do if you don’t answer her call of “Mommy”?  She can take 50 crayon and break them into pieces & then color all over the wall with them UGHH!! 

One time I had Gracie screaming and chunking crayons at Zachary(5yr) and Sam crying and pulling at my shirt(wanting to nurse), Austin asking me about his math, Collin asking me about his Handwriting & Ben telling me that I was maing him do hard stuff too early in the morning.


The sad part is I think I do this every year.  It just takes me a few days to get back into the groove.  I think I have a post on here somewhere about what to do with your toddlers.  I think I need to go & read it again!

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