A Real Day

My day begins early. 

 I rise at 5:30 feeling refreshed and ready for my day.  I head to the kitchen and turn on the coffee pot, then go to my bathroom to get dressed for my morning walk.  After I am dressed I sit down for my prayer & devotions and a cup of coffee. 

 By 6:30 I am out the door for my morning walk with my husband.  We discuss our goals for the day.  After we walk I head to the shower while my husband gets the baby up.  She is her usually happy self as Scott gets her dressed for the day.  He begins waking up the rest of the kids and gets them started on morning chores. 

While I get dressed & put on my make-up I practice reciting the book of Leviticus.  I go into the kitchen & find my family busy about their chores.  They are all dressed and ready for the day.  My girls are busy cooking breakfast while the boys are feeding the dogs & cats.  Scott hands me Gracie who is ready to nurse and he heads to the shower.  By the time Gracie is done breakfast is ready and we all sit down for breakfast.  The girls have prepared fresh OJ, fruit salad, muffins and oatmeal. 

After breakfast we all have Bible and then Scott leaves for work. The kids get all their school work out and without me reminding them, they get busy. 

All of a sudden I hear a baby crying.  I look down at Gracie and it’s not her.  The crying gets louder and louder and I can’t figure out where it is coming from. 

 Finally it is so loud that …I wake up!!! It was all a dream. 

I can still hear a baby crying and realize that it’s Gracie on the moniter.  I roll over & look at the clock..6:30 a.m.  I stumble out of bed and through the house to get Gracie who is very hungry.  Instead of sitting in the living room to nurse I take her back to bed.  Maybe I can get a little more sleep while she nurses.  By 7:00 she is done & I have to get up now because she is crawling all over me & is ready for a clean diaper. 

By 7:30 I am dressed, had some coffee and done a few morning chores.  The kids are waking up by now and making their way into the kitchen for some breakfast.  This morning we are having watermelon and blueberry muffins. They are supposed to get dressed, do chores & then come in to breakfast by 8:00, but not today.   After breakfast we scramble to get Bible started, but wait until after Dad leaves for work.  Dad leaves and I announce that we are starting Bible. 

A bit of commotion is stirring in the Living Room so I go to check it out. I find my cute little students are conducting an experiment in gravity & aero dynamics.  The two oldest boys, Josh & Collin, are swinging the 5 year old, Ben by his arms & legs & throwing him onto the couch.  “Wow! He really went high that time!” I hear Josh cry out.  “O.k. guys that’s enough!  Put Ben down.”  

By the time I get everyone in the room for Bible Gracie is ready to nurse.  She nurses while we discuss our verses and prayer requests. While I am explaining our scriptures  it happened, total chaos finally occurred. Actually I was surprised that it took this long. 

All of a sudden Ben began screaming!  I looked over to find Austin and Ben rolling around on the floor fighting over a truck. 

 “Austin! Ben!  Stop it right now!” I yell. 

 I pick up Ben with his arms and legs still flying and put him on the couch.

  “Austin, give Ben the truck back & you go find another one”

 He brings back the truck except he throws it and hits Ben.  Ben throws it back at Austin but he misses and hits Zachary. Now he is crying.   Ben & Austin are fighting again and now Josh and Collin are wrestling and roll into Ashley which makes her yell at them.  I have had it by now & my top is about to blow.

[ 3..2..1..]”Stop it now!!!  I have had it!  We can’t even have a simple little bible lesson with out you guys spoiling it.(I’m yelling by now)  Do you really think this make Jesus happy?

(still yelling)

  Do you think that you are acting wisely?” 

 “Mom?”  I hear Collin ask from underneath Josh. 

“What Collin?”  I’m still fuming & don’t want any of his silly questions. 

“What do you want Collin?” 

“I was wondering if Jesus can hear you yelling right now?” 

 I take a deep breath, get down off of the fire place hearth and sit down.  “Can we finish our story?” I calmly say even though my heart is still racing. 

Finally, by around 11:00 we finish Bible, pray and go to the table and start their lessons. Finally, I re-gather everyone and we pray & go to the table for book work. Everything is going smoothly.  I put Gracie down for a nap and call Austin in for reading.  Just about the time I begin to think, maybe we will get everything done today,  Ben and Collin begin to fight over colored pencils, Josh disappears, Morgan gets stuck on her math page, Zachary wants a book read to him by Sarah “RIGHT NOW!” and Ashley is ready to run away because of the noise. 

 I get them all satisfied & calmed down & realize that I don’t see Zachary.  I find him in my closet eating my secret chocolate stash.  I guess it’s not a secret.  I give up & sit down to eat chocolate with him. 

Believe it or not, everyone got their school work done and chores finished with a smile on their face.  It is now time to sit for a moment.  I get up ready to start working on dinner & my chores and there stands my husband in the doorway of my room, home early for the first time in weeks. 

“What have you been doing today?” he asks with a big grin.  

I answer “Oh, not much, how about you?”  “Me either” He answers. 

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